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If your looking for a new home a good suggestion would be Costa Rica! Who wouldn’t love waking up to white sandy beaches, blue skies, clear blue water, and perfect weather every single day?!? Even if you don’t want to live there full time and you’re like many other people that have one home in a state where the weather is rather mild (all 4 seasons) and one home in a warmer climate such as Costa Rica, you can still rent! This really is a great idea for people that want two homes but don’t want two mortgages. You can find several different villas, bungalows, cottages, homes, and other rental properties online, to buy or rent. These properties are absolutely incredible. Plus you can have the option of living on the beach, by the beach, or in a residential type area.

Also at Visual Art Studio, “Chasing the Light” by Susan Lamson continues through Friday, October 29, including images of Maymont Park, Williamsburg, Va., Savannah, Ga. and Costa Rica Beach Resorts.

Normally they do medical scientific studies on a huge number of people, who do not know certain information,which can lead to bias in reporting results. The money for these studies is coming from big pharmaceutical companies to prove the efficiency of their new drugs. They want to sell. But there are two problems with these so costa rica beach resorts called scientific studies.

The CONCACAF Gold Cup is either the most important tournament in the CONCACAF region or the least important, depending upon whether or not the winner is given the right to compete in the FIFA Confederations Cup. In the years when this honor is bestowed upon the winner, the field is usually very competitive, with Mexico and the U.S. especially, fielding first choice teams. When the competition has nothing riding on it but the trophy, lately there has been a real lack of interest by the two regional powers even though one or the other tends to dominate anyway.

There are a vast number of cultural points of significance to explore. There are a lot of historical ruins available to tour. The ruins at the ancient capitols of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai should be at the top of any travelers list. One of the most popular attractions in Thailand are the various costa rica beach Buddhist temples that are located throughout the country. The architecture and Buddha statues at these temples make for some great photo opportunities as well.

Finally, you’ll fly through Southwest Airlines, where passengers can have up to two free checked bags – that’s almost unheard of these days! Relax on a hammock, dip your feet into the Gulf of Mexico or visit nearby Busch Gardens or Disney World/Universal Studios (45 and 90 minutes away, respectively). Take advantage of this peak season package, and visit the Sunshine State for less. Visit Southwest for more information on this trip and other deals.

Take a look at this area and you will see why it is so attractive and how buying land here is a great investment, that can not only give you a great mutual fund alternative but can give you better growth with less drawdown.